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30-Day Challenge Day 22: Song(s) That You Haven’t Listened To In A While

Music I haven’t heard in a while. There are a lot of songs I could pick for this topic.

“Best Mistake” By JamisonParker

A good song, but too bad the duo broke-up. 

“Decorating for Cinco de Mayo” By Kenotia

I listen to this song every time when it is the May 5th. Yet again, another great band that broke-up. :/

“Don’t Say You Love Me” By M2M

This song is featured in the English soundtrack of Pokemon: The First Movie. Looking back, I don’t understand why you would have a song about love and purity to a movie about pocket monsters.

“This is Love” By Donghae ft. Henry

“This is Love” is the ending song for the Taiwanese live-action drama, Extravagant Challenge, which is an adaptation of the manga, Skip Beat.

“Di ko Alam” By Yassi Pressman & Andre Paras

This song is from the movie soundtrack, Diary ng Panget.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the songs I picked. They are a little different. I am not sure if you have heard a majority of these songs, maybe one or two.

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