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30 Day Challenge Day 17: Song(s) You Like Hearing Live

(Via Giphy)

In this post, I selected songs that I actually heard live in concert. If you haven’t heard, I love going to live concerts of my favorite musicians. Also, I think music heard live is much better than just listening to it through your headphones or ear phones.

“Remember to Feel Real” By Armor For Sleep

I saw Armor for Sleep with the band, Saosin. This was the first concert I ever attended, and it was awesome.

“Ocean Avenue” By Yellowcard

I saw Yellowcard at a concert for their 10th anniversary of their album, Ocean Avenue. They played “Ocean Avenue” twice, in acoustic and in its original form.

“If I Lose Myself” (Remix) By OneRepublic ft. Alesso

They played the remix of this song at their concert. Also, OneRepublic is a band you should see in concert. They are phenomenal.

“Invader Invader (インベーダーインベーダー)” By Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

This was the opening song she played in her Nanda Collection World Tour. It really got the crowd pumped up.

“A.D.T.O.Y. (하.니.뿐. )” By 2pm

I fangirled when 2pm played this song. It was beautiful. I want to see them in concert AGAIN!

Hope you enjoyed the music. If you don’t mind people and loud music, you should definitely go to a concert. It is one of the best experiences I ever done. Happy Monday!

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