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30-Day Challenge Day 16: Song(s) That Are Your Guilty Pleasure

(Via Tumblr)

So, I would like to warn readers, explicit content will be used.

Guilty Pleasures. When it comes to music, we all have different tastes. Some people like a certain song, and some people hate it. For me, I like some annoying songs that people may view it as over played on the radio or have other stigmas about it.

For this list, I decided to focus on some songs that have inappropriate lyrics, but I like them anyway. I should include this song too, but I already mentioned it somewhere else.

“Trampoline” By Kalin and Myles

“Two Lips” By Hoddie Allen Ft. OCD: Moosh & Twist

A song about one-night stands. It has a good beat. That’s why I like it.

“3D Hoes Ain’t Loyal” Hentai Dude ft. Shiki (TMNS)

Yes, I have to put another Hentai Dude song.

“Ayo” By Chris Brown & Tyga

“Baby” By Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris

I didn’t like it when it first came out, but it grew on me. I also like the rendition of it in this video.

I guess you can say three out of the five songs are pretty explicit and inappropriate in regards to language, but I like these songs anyway. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Ahaha. I really liked “Baby” by Justin Bieber, too, so I won’t really call it a guilty pleasure. I’m just disappointed by the music he makes now. Such a shame. He was such an adorable and good singer back then.

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