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30-Day Challenge Day 15: Song(s) People Wouldn’t Expect You To Like

I am just going to warn you, there is some explicit content.

I am really excited to do this topic because there is a bunch of songs that people wouldn’t think I would like, but do. You wouldn’t expect me to like this type of music if you were to see me in real life (like that will ever happen 😛 ). So here is a list of some of the unexpected songs that I enjoy listening and singing to.

“Smile In Your Sleep” By Silverstein

If you haven’t heard of Silverstein, their name is based on the famous children’s author, Shel Silverstein. I really like this music video and the screamo parts.

“Take It Away” By The Used

Yes, I am aware that you may not understand a single word Bert is saying.

“2D Bounce It” By Hentai Dude

It should be pretty obvious that I am a fan of Hentai Dude’s music. However, there may be some new readers who haven’t heard of Hentai Dude, so I am just going to leave this track here.

“Whatever You Like” By T.I.

I was in the car with my mom one time, and this song played on the radio. I rapped the whole entire song, and my mom was all “How can you talk so fast?”

“Bedrock” By Young Money

One of my karaoke songs. One time at a karaoke place, I sang this with my friend, and the guy delivering boba drinks to our room walks in, and pauses for about a good ten seconds staring at the TV screen because he sees two girls singing Bedrock. (AND WE WERE GOOD AT IT!)

I am curious though, are you surprised with the song choices? Or are you thinking, “This totally sounds like music Lyn would listen to?”

Anyways, that is all for today! Have a good Friday!

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