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30-Day Challenge Day 13: Song(s) You Sing To In The Shower

(Via Tumblr)

I don’t sing in the shower, and if I did, I wouldn’t reveal it to the whole entire world like this girl.

Rather than singing in the shower, I actually sing out loud in the comfort of my own room. It doesn’t have the best acoustics, but my room does have some really nice speakers in front of me as I listen to music. And trust me, I am a horrible singer. 

Here is a list of songs I would sing in the shower (if I actually did it.)

“Tangled Up In Me” By Skye Sweetnam

“Candy” By Mandy Moore

“Peach” By Ai Otsuka

“Peach” is the opening song for the live-action Japanese drama, Hana Kimi.

“Crash Your Party” By Karmin

“Swagger Jagger” By Cher Lloyd

As you can see, most of the songs I picked are pop and bubbly dance tunes. Shower music should be like that.

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