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My Fujoshi Life Nominated Me For The Real Neat Blog Award (Part 2)


My Fujoshi Life nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. I think she only nominated me because she had no one else to nominate. Yes, I went there. Just kidding. My Fujoshi Life  has some fun reads, so check her blog out. You should also follow her on Twitter because she is a great person to talk to about random stuff.

Also, you can check out My Fujoshi Life’s post about the Real Neat Blog Award, here

I am going to bend the rules for this, and just answer My Fujoshi’s Life’s questions.

My Fujoshi’s Life Questions: 

Q: Talk about 3 pet peeves.

  • People that don’t read directions first. Instead they say, “I don’t know how to do this” and ask questions on how to do something even though it is explicitly stated in the directions.
  • People that think the arts and humanities fields are useless.
  • Trying to think of a third pet peeve of mine.

Q: What is the meaning behind your name?

At the time, I couldn’t think of anything else to call my blog. So I named it, “Just Something About LynLyn.” I wanted the name of my blog to be flexible enough, so that I can talk about anything I want. I was planning to change the name of my blog if I ever thought of something better, but I can’t now since a lot of bloggers know me as “Just Something About LynLyn.” It is like a household name now.

I use the name, Lyn because it is common and feminine.

Q: I just purchased a ticket to your city/area/country/whatever, what is the one place I can’t miss out on my tourist visit? (This is an especially important question for Lyn because I go to CA a lot xD.)

Why do you have to call me out, man! No comment.

Q: Talk about your latest anime crush. 

Teppei Kiyoshi from Kuroko no Basuke. He has a body of a Roman God. He is very protective of his friends and family, but he is also a big kid at heart. He is funny and makes some corny, lame jokes. Teppei Kiyoshi is just so adorable and cute. Sigh. If you know a real, 3D man who looks and acts like him let me know. 😉 Just kidding, but not.

Also, my latest OTP is L x Tuxedo Mask. 😉 My Fujoshi’s Life knows what’s up. HAHA.

Q: Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you drink it? If not, what is your favorite drink and how do you prepare it?

Yes, I drink coffee. I have no preference really. I just get whatever I feel like when I go to a coffee shop. Usually, it is a cold coffee drink though.

Q: What is your favorite writing instrument and why?

Paper and pencil. They are reliable. You never know when the internet and technology will shut down.

Q: What do you think about the number 7?

When I think of the number 7, I think of this song.

Once again, I want to thank My Fujoshi Life for the Real Neat Blog Award. Yes, I know that some of the answers to these questions are messed up, especially #3. If you want a “fo’shizzle” (in the voice of Leaveit2Me) answer, My Fujoshi Life, just tweet me.

6 thoughts on “My Fujoshi Life Nominated Me For The Real Neat Blog Award (Part 2) Leave a comment

  1. XD you could’ve gone with something generic like X burger place or X pizza joint , that wouldn’t give anything away 😛

    You see, this question comes from a comment I got from my cousin who asked if I’d ever gone to X burger/pizza places and I said no, then he said is never truly been to CA 😥 lol

    oh and the CA thing, it’s on your Twitter so I didn’t call you out you told everyone 😛 I just repeated it

    That song is…interesting…xD

    L x Tuxedo FOREVER

    Yes yes, so true , I had nobody else to nominate xD so I thought, hmmm Lyn probably isn’t doing anything let’s nominate her 😛 so there!

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