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Otaku Gamer Zone Collaboration: Q&A Interview

(Via Otaku Gamer Zone)

So I got a chance to do an interview with the founder of Otaku Gamer Zone, Kausus. This is only my second collaboration with a fellow blogger, and I am pretty excited about it.

Otaku Gamer Zone is a blog dedicated to writing posts about anime and video gamers. They are passionate about these interests in which can be shown through their writing. Furthermore, Otaku Gamer Zone is hoping to expand in the near future and they have some awesome upcoming projects.

Being able to interview Kausus was an awesome opportunity to let the blogging community know about a great site that they should check out. If you like anime and/or video games, you should definitely check his blog out!

  • Q: What got you interested in writing? And in particularly, why did you decide to focus your writing on anime and video games?

  • A: In seventh grade, my honors English teacher told me I had a gift for writing but it would need to be refined and honed. Once it was, she said I would make a fairly good writer or script writer. So I took it to heart and started working on short stories and other bits. Eventually, it lead me to working on this website. I wanted to focus on Anime and Gaming because, it is frankly what I do best. I’m in a pool of hundreds, upon thousands of like-minded individuals who are doing this because they love to do this. So, that is how simple I can say it. The more complex version is, because I would love to write and report on anime and games for a living. I don’t like the job I currently work [in] and it would be a dream to pursue this goal.

  • Q: Do you get writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?

  • A: I do. I often find myself stuck after 30+ minutes or so and then I just have to step away from my desk. I just get points where I feel like what I write may not be enough for some and it may not seem very interesting. I overcome this by honestly watching anime or playing games. I can focus on something else, story, humor, strategy. It all helps me think more clearly.

  • Q: How do you come up with ideas for you posts?

  • A: Honestly, when i go to bed or am in the middle of watching something. I do have a rough outline on my cork-board which I try to hit when I can with ideas of possible content. I often think about what I cover as, what would people like to read about? Maybe they have read something like this but what about from this angle? Mainly, it just literally is made by guttural choices.

  • Q: How long have you been watching anime and playing video games?

  • A: I really started in 2011 for anime. I don’t really count my childhood much as I was mainly into Gaming, which I have been doing since my original Sega Genesis. So the gaming portion is something that has been with me for a very long time, pretty much my whole life, but my pursuit of anime has been a very hard focus, ever since I had my first job to start paying for anime subscriptions.

  • Q: What do you do for fun aside from blogging?

  • A: I mainly work with Cellphones at the job I work. I love technology so I try to work in the industry, however it does get on my nerves. Other than that I tend to play games or watching anime really. I love just having fun with others and I tend to do that from time to time. When I was still in school I would help foreign language students with their conversational English skills. I sound pretty typical but, it is honestly what I do. I watch anime now because I know I want to talk about it with others on my website, so it becomes work almost. Enjoyable work mind you.

  • Q: Do you attend conventions or cosplay gatherings? If so, would you mind describing your experience. 

  • A: I have been going to conventions for a while. My first was Star Wars Celebration IV, then I have gone to Naka-Kon in 2013 and 2015 and now for 2016. Naka-Kon has got to be the best convention I have gone to. It usually has about 7000-9000+ attendees and is just an awesome con. It is well-organized and very friendly. The panels are all ran by local websites, creators or bigger ones. Just about every guest (I.e. famous voice actors, musicians or industry specialist) does a panel so you get a lot of engagement with them all. Then there is the glorious vendor hall. It is so much fun going in and being able to purchase items then and there without waiting for shipping or worrying about online sales. You also have a TON of artists that come from all over to sell buttons, scarves, clothing, art, etc… So, it is fun to support them. It is expensive yes but, well worth everything in the end.

  • Q: Are there any exciting new projects in the works for your blog? If so, would you describing these projects in detail. 

  • A: Right now, this interview is the first of such things. I have been wanting to announce a few things so I think this interview will serve as a good point! We want to start eventually doing Crunchyroll Month long pre-paid subscription give away’s. This also will tie into possible video game or clothing give away’s. We want to engage our fans even more and give them our thanks in return for all the support they give us. We also hope to be adding more current articles to our posting schedule. Such as day of reviews for new anime that crop up for everyone. We want to show that we watch new stuff too! We are also taking into consideration possibly opening up towards Patreon. We want to do this full-time and we want to do this because of our fans and followers. However, that is up and coming and still very much in the works at this time.

  • Q: What advice would you give for prospective bloggers or aspiring writers?

  • A: Pursue your dreams! Keep on going for what you want to do. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from going after your goals. We will be there supporting you through it and will help you up if we can. I have plenty of other bloggers who help me and talk to me when the encouragement is needed. I cannot express how much it will mean to you when you are able to go and do what you want to do. I know this is what everyone says but, they really do mean it, go after it!

  • Q: Do you have anything you want to say to your fans or prospective followers?
  • A: Thank you so much for reading our lackluster posts! We love the input and discussions we get to have on our  posts and we always worry/look forward to seeing how you all react to seeing our content and your hopeful support  and continued admiration for our website because after all, this is a site for you all too! We write for you all because  we are fans like you too!

Well there you have it, a glimpse at an emerging blogger. If you like what you read, please feel free to check out the blog, Otaku Gamer Zone.

I want to thank Otaku Gamer Zone for allowing me to be part of this special collaboration. We should do this again sometime. Also if you want to read my personal interview with Otaku Gamer Zone, check it out.

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