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30-Day Challenge Day 11: Song(s) That Remind You Of Summer

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It isn’t summer anymore. It is September. However, the change of month and season doesn’t stop me from listening to these songs. Here is my playlist for this summer. The reason I picked these songs is because they are all catchy: music and lyrics wise. 

“The Night Is Still Young” By Nicki Minaj

I am a night owl, and I should live up to my youth at its full potential. I really like this song, and the music video. The pink light is awesome (I am being biased because pink is my favorite color.)

Where Are Ü Now” By Skrillex & Diplo Ft. Justin Bieber 

“Good Thing” By Sage The Gemini Ft. Nick Jonas

I only like this song because of the hook that Nick Jonas sings. And LIKE DAMN…NICK JONAS.

“Do It Again” By Pia Mia Ft. Chris Brown & Tyga

“Cool For The Summer” By Demi Lovato

I had to include this song on the list. IT WAS THE SONG OF THE SUMMER! (Well in my opinion.)

So that’s it for my summer playlist. Right now, I am going to listen to all these songs until I get sick of them (which I highly doubt it).

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  1. I like some of these song choices it may be your summer over but where I live it’s just turned spring and summer around the corner for me so that is inspirational for new songs 🙂

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