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Animated Nominated Me For The Infinity Dreams Award (Part 2)


Thank you, Animated! I am really happy that you, Animated, picked me for a nomination.  I read your Infinity Award post, and I think it is really cool that you are studying to be an engineer, and also that you dream of becoming a Disney Imagineer. That’s really awesome! I hope all the best for your endeavors.

So I was nominated for this award before, and in that post, I described some of the goals I hope to accomplish in my life span. For this award entry, I had to sleep on it and think of some new dreams. To be a little creative, I decided to make this award post be about my birthday, which is coming up pretty soon. So my “dreams” is more of a wish list of things I want for my birthday. Okay, you can call me materialistic, but hey, there are a couple of things that could make me happy. Also, there are a couple of people, my friends, who would read this and get an idea of what I want for my birthday. 😉 Let my dreams come true! 😛

My Birthday Wishes:

  1. 2PM’s “No.5” album. I would want both the day and night version. 😉
  2. Expansion decks for my Cards Against Humanity set. My friends, I am pretty sure you know what “deck” I want. The bigger, the better.
  3. A Barnes & Noble gift card.
  4. Some expensive desserts.
  5. KBBQ.
  6. A Kiyoshi Teppei body pillow. (I am joking, but then again, I’m not.)
  7. A chance to meet one of the guys (exclude 2D guys) on my Free Spirit Award post. (Again, I’m joking, but not.)

I am not going to nominate anyone for this award because I think I did enough nagging towards bloggers for the past two weeks. Sorry about that.

I would like to thank, Animated, for nominating me. Animated, I hope you enjoying reading this Infinity Dreams Award post. It is probably a lot different from what you expected, but I think being different is good. 🙂

If you don’t know who Animated is, you should. In fact, readers, you should follow them at this very instant! Animated has a lot of creative and amazing articles to read, so you should definitely check their blog out.

(NOTE: So today, I found out from Twitter that it is Animated’s birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you eat a lot of cake and stuff. It is funny though because I wrote this post before finding out this ver important information, so it seemed appropriate to post it today because it is your birthday and my post is about my birthday wishes.)

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  1. Awesome post as always! I love it when a blogger gets nominated for an award and they put their own personal twist on it! Also thank you very much for the birthday shoutout and kind words! It’s greatly appreciated! 😀

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