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Announcements: UnimeTV Blog Recruitment


Hello Readers!

I am making a formal announcement for UnimeTV: Blog & Connect. UnimeTV is looking to recruit more anime, manga and video gamer bloggers for their site.

If you love to:

  • Develop your writing, editing, teamwork skills
  • Create and write about anime, manga, video games or Japanese pop culture
  • Meet and network with other people who share your interests

You should consider joining UnimeTV

Why am I doing this? I am pretty sure that many of you never heard of this blog before, but I am just helping out my boss, Yasumo with this favor since I am a writer for UnimeTV. Some of you, I think, actually visited this blog before, but I am not sure if you made the connection that the girl, “lynlynsays” on there is actually me from Just Something About LynLyn.

If you aren’t easily convince, here are some articles I posted for this site:

Whoa, I bet you are all mind blown. If not, well I tried.

So that’s the reason why I am promoting and advertising this blog because I am a part of the staff. So, if you are interested in writing for this blog, there is a possibility we will be collaborating and working together. Also, I am not the only person you will be working with, you will also be working with Leaveit2Me from popculturemecha and some other awesome people.

Here are some of Leaveit2Me’s posts on UnimeTV:

So if you are interested in joining the staff, apply to this form here. Looking forward to the possibility of working with you.

Happy Reading!


P.S. I like to give a personal shout out to Leaveit2Me. If you are reading this, Hi! I hope I don’t embarrass you for this. 😛

22 thoughts on “Announcements: UnimeTV Blog Recruitment Leave a comment

    • Your blogging style would be the same as if you are blogging on your own blog, and at times, there are prompts or themes that we should consider when making an articles. Yet sometimes, just writing a review is good. I tend to be more formal when it comes to a review on there as oppose to my own blog. As of now, we are looking for people to even out the workload since it is only a few of us. I am thinking (not sure) just one post a week would do.

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  1. It does sound interesting, but like Aria, I too got my hands full with my own blog. Plus I’d end up embarrassing you Lyn xP xDD. But it sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you : D. Just don’t forget about the little ol’ bloggers on this site xDD.

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    • It is all good. And how can you embarrass me, I think I can embarrass myself on my own, thank you very much. 😛

      Haha, I won’t. I enjoy blogging on my personal site, and also enjoy reading everyone’s comments.

      Personally, I am just reaching new heights as a writer, and trying to soak in every possible opportunity I can to expose my writing capabilities.

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  2. Morning Lyn. I read this post last night and have been thinking about it since. I am actually very interested in this possible writing venture, but still undecided in some respects. I obviously dig all the topics this blog covers, yet I am not so familiar with formal “reviews” or “post deadlines.”
    As you may be aware, I don’t kick out many posts at a time.

    But then again, I am fully capable of writing multiple works, so its just something Id have to adapt to. Especially given such a niche group of categories, I know my focus would be directed.

    Is this like a formal writing job? Your part of a company, right? You say your part of a staff and such, so do you guys meet up? Are you paid for your work? (that doesn’t matter to me Im just curious since this all sounds like a real profession to me) Is each writer to cover specific categories?

    I find myself thinking “If I get this gig, I could quit my day job and just become a cardigan-wearing-tea-drinking-bearded-hipster-writer-dude who walks around town with notebooks, asking strangers if they’d rather pilot a mecha or own a pet dragon, and share with them the glory that is almond butter.

    Yea, that seems about right.

    Let me know what your thinking Lyn.

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    • Sadly, you can’t be a “cardigan-wearing-tea-drinking-bearded-hipster-writer-dude.” Well you could but then again, you can’t quit your day job.

      I don’t think I am the right person to correctly answer all these questions, but we are just a group of people that have a passion for anime and manga. Sadly, I don’t get paid for this as you know a struggling writer/artist never gets the recognition they deserve until society deems them worthy. One day, I hope to get paid for my efforts and my writing, but right now I am just doing this out of a hobby and passion of anime, manga and writing. Everything is strictly online: skype, email, and trello (scheduling/organizing website). There is no office, you are just writing in the comfort of your own home.

      As for “formal reviews,” what I mean by that is through my own writing experience. On my personal blog, I tend to write random thoughts on an anime or manga without any structure. It just flows into a stream of consciousness. While at this blog, I tend to have more of a professional tone. I analyze anime through characters, storyline, music/art, etc. I don’t change up my writing style too much, but it does have a little more structure.

      For post deadlines, it isn’t an issue for me because I am pretty punctual. But you will get used to it.

      For themes/categories, I am just referring to different creative ideas.

      You have interesting ideas/thoughts on anime. So I think you blend right in. Each writer has their own writing style, so don’t worry about whether or not your writing is decent enough.

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      • I see. I guess I shouldn’t grow my beard out and start wearing elbow-patched blazers just yet then.
        Let me give it some thought since it is a commitment and I don’t want to go half-way on this. I really like this idea, so Im gonna contemplate the possibility and get back to you ASAP.

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    • Hey Twice Alive!

      I asked the questions you asked to my boss, and here are the answers.

      Is this like a formal writing job?

      Let’s see what it wouldn’t be formal writing but more of a topic based writing job with the freedom to post what you want if it doesn’t break the rules.

      Your part of a company, right?

      Yes Unime will be a official company in the next few months.

      You say your part of a staff and such, so do you guys meet up?

      No we don’t meet up as of yet. Not until the our official site goes up and we actually have staff that lives close by but we do have video chats and voice call meetings.

      Are you paid for your work? (that doesn’t matter to me Im just curious since this all sounds like a real profession to me)

      Yes I’m planning on paying all bloggers in the near future once we actually kick off Unime/UnimeTVs official launch . Official being our official website.

      Is each writer to cover specific categories?

      For each member of staff you can post what you want but we do have weekly or daily topics depending on what we come up with in our meetings .

      Hope that helps!

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  3. Hello, I’m sorry to comment on such an old post, but is there someone I can talk to through email and such? I want to apply for a position and maybe introduce something new to the table.

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