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30-Day Challenge Day 7: Song(s) That Hold A Lot Of Meaning To You

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For this topic, I didn’t pick an Avril song, but I was very close to picking one. There are a lot of songs that hold special meaning to me. It was tough to pick the best of the best for this playlist though. So while picking songs for the previous topic, I picked songs for today’s current topic too. I would consider these songs an extension of how I feel about being a dreamer, having goals and ambitions, and etc. Hence, you could conclude that inspirational songs hold a lot of meaning to me.

“Move Along” By The All American-Rejects

I would always listen to this song in the morning before going to school. I would wait until it goes on MTV, VH1, and Fuse music video shows. Sometimes it would be the very last song, and my mom would yell at me to hurry up because I might be late getting dropped off at school.

The lyrics and message are pretty straightforward. I would consider it my anthem in life.

“Ain’t It Fun” By Paramore

This great song came out at a perfect time for me in college. Around that time, I was soon going to be a fourth year, and was contemplating on my future. “Ain’t It Fun” gives an honest view about the real world. Life is harsh and difficult, but if you just give it your all, I’m pretty sure things will turn out okay.

“The Reason” By Hoobastank

I heard this song when it was being promoted along side The O.C. They constantly played that commercial on Fox; thus, the song became stuck in my head. It didn’t annoy me though. I actually enjoyed it. Anyways, this song is a classic for me. People can change if they are influenced by someone (either in a good or a bad way).

“Different” By Acceptance

Similar to the previous song above, this song deals with changing oneself too. As humans, we all go through these changes in order to develop and grow into well-rounded people.

“I Lived” By OneRepublic

I want to live my life as exciting, fun, and awesome as possible.

So that’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this song list, and have a happy weekend! 🙂

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  1. Move Along brings back memories of playing it on Rockband. XD My friends and I use to love to play the song and would get super into it. Which may or may not have resulted in denting the controllers… 🙂

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