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30-Day Challenge Day 6: Song(s) You Can Always Relate To

(Via Giphy)

There are a lot of songs that I can relate to easily. Most of these songs have some form of significance to my life in regards to the past, present, or future me. I am a young person. So practically all these songs relate to being a dreamer, growing up, looking forward to the future, and having the courage to take risks. I am a person that likes to seek opportunities, but at the same time I am still a bit scared of the unknown (I am still trying to overcome that fear).

“Fire N Gold” By Bea Miller

Ambition. Goals. Dreams. We each have a mountain that we want to climb. Some people have to climb it with their bare hands and feet and others have staircases and elevators. What do I have? My hands and feet and the fire in my eyes. Someday, I’ll get where I want to be and it will be golden.

“Runaway” By Avril Lavigne

There are moments where I want to go, “Screw Everything.” And when I feel like that, I listen to this song.

“Make It Home” By Hoodie Allen ft. Kina Grannis

This song applies to how I feel about writing, which is a passion of mine. I think we all know how difficult it is to make a living as a writer, but it is something I am interested in doing. I am a nobody trying to be a somebody. I am starting out with nothing, but trying to produce something.

“Stand in the Spotlight” By Armor for Sleep

I am not an extrovert. I don’t like standing in the spotlight all the time. However, I’m not completely an introvert where I hide behind the curtain. I am in-between those two options, an ambivert.

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” By P!nk

I think P!nk sums up what everyone feels like during high school or even now.

I hope you guys enjoy this round of songs as much as I do.  🙂

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