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Marvelously Mismatched Nominated Me For The Free Spirit Award


Just like the title suggests I have been nominated for the Free Spirit Award, and I am ecstatic about it. It is a pretty interesting award because it is in the earlier stages of development and slowly being spread around the blogging community. I feel more honored though because I am one of the first bloggers that is selected for this award. 

The Free Spirit Award was created by Marvelously Mismatched and UNOTAKU. The rules for this award are pretty simple. According to Marvelously Mismatched:

You can create your post the way you want to, the only rule you have to follow is that the post has to be about the topic you get from the previous nominee and please put the logo!

And that’s it. I like simple rules.

The topic that Marvelously Mismatched gave me is “things I love the most.” I have a good idea of what I am going to do but I am not going to post my thoughts on that topic in this entry. I am going to save it for another post because it isn’t the right time yet. Don’t worry, it will be good. You guys will love it, I promise. (Or at least, I hope you do.)

Anyways, I want to personally thank Marvelously Mismatched for the nomination. I think it is pretty amazing that you created an award and it is getting bigger and bigger every second. Also, I think you are a very entertaining and fun blogger. I enjoy reading your posts about your personal life, and commenting to you some wise life advice. And, I also enjoy all the amazing anime guy pictures. Those really brighten up my day! (If you know what I mean.)

Once again, thank you Marvelously Mismatched! ❤ Also if you want more information on this award, check out the posts made by Marvelously Mismatched and UNOTAKU.

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