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30-Day Challenge Day 4: Song(s) That Remind You Of Something Sad

(Via Giphy)

When I think of sad songs, I think of a really somber, slow piano melody, and this one song, “Sad Movies” by Sue Thompson.

I don’t cry over music videos that have a storyline. There isn’t enough time to develop a relationship and feelings for the characters. However, there are some songs that trigger one’s emotions because the song reminds him or her of a person, a memory, or a tragic experience. I try not to think about certain songs because they trigger a sad, personal experience in my life. Yet since this is a song challenge topic, I will share them with you. 

The first two songs don’t have a personal story to them, but they are songs that give off a feeling of sadness.

“Untitled” By Simple Plan

“Pieces” By Sum 41

“Hang You Up” By Yellowcard

Everyone has been in love and experienced heartbreak some point in their lives.

I know I have. We didn’t have a love song (that would be really cheesy if we did), but I do know what song I would put to demonstrate how heartbroken I felt, and it is this one.

“Slipped Away” By Avril Lavigne

This is the song I listened to on the day my grandma passed away. I said my final goodbye to her through a phone call.

“She Will Be Loved” By Maroon 5

During my third year in university, I met an incredible housemate and friend. We went to see Maroon 5 in concert with a couple of my other housemates. He said that this song, “She Will Be Loved” was his favorite song by Maroon 5. The following year, in the summer, there was news that he disappeared while swimming in a lake. Now when I hear this song, it reminds me of him.

Wow. This post is depressing and serious. Sorry about that, but hey the topic of the day is sad songs. And well at least, you gotten to know me a little more, which is cool I guess.

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