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lynlynsays Accepts the 30-Day Song Challenge

(Via Giphy)

I saw this on Fujinsei’s blog today, “30-Day Song Challenge.” I always wanted to do one of these challenges like the anime or manga one, but I don’t think I have enough knowledge to do it. However, I can do this song challenge because I actually know a lot of songs and I listen to a wide variety of music. Personally, I think the type of music a person listens to can tell you a lot about that person. The type of songs and music I listen to and will post may (or may not) give you a better understanding of me as a person.

By the way, thank you Otaku Gamer Zone and Fujinsei for the encouragement to do this challenge. Without that motivation, I probably wouldn’t do it.

What I have to do for the next 30 days: (I probably won’t do this consecutively.)

Day 1: A song that makes you happy
Day 2: A song that helps you clear your head
Day 3: A song that makes you laugh
Day 4: A song that reminds you of something sad
Day 5: A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it
Day 6: A song you can always relate to
Day 7: A song that holds a lot of meaning to you
Day 8: A song that makes you cry
Day 9: A song that makes you want to dance
Day 10: A song that annoys you
Day 11: A song that reminds you of summer
Day 12: A song that reminds you of your best friend
Day 13: A song you sing to in the shower
Day 14: A song you liked when you were younger
Day 15: A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
Day 16: A song that is your guilty pleasure
Day 17: A song you like hearing live
Day 18: A song you have as your ringtone/want to be your ringtone
Day 19: A song you’re currently obsessed with
Day 20: A song from a new album you are waiting for to come out
Day 21: A song you want to dance to at your wedding
Day 22: A song that you haven’t listened to in a while
Day 23: A cover song
Day 24: A song that makes you angry
Day 25: An acoustic song you love
Day 26: A song by your favorite band
Day 27: A song you make fun of
Day 28: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend (if you don’t have one, make one up)
Day 29: A song currently stuck in your head
Day 30: A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

I hope you enjoy the songs I pick. I will most likely not follow directions. Rather than picking one song per day, I most likely will create a playlist. Also, just a little warning: I will sometimes post music with explicit content. 



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