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Soundtrack to My Life (So Far)

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So I was inspired by the question that I asked my nominees in a previous Liebster Award post. The question I asked fellow bloggers is, “What five songs would you put in the soundtrack of your life?” I pondered on that question myself and I decided to do my own soundtrack post for my blog. Instead of doing five songs though, I decided to do twelve because it sounds like a good number of tracks for a soundtrack album.  Now the tracks I listed do not come in any particular order, and I’ll give you my reasons why I picked these songs.

“Voices” By: Saosin

It is easy for me to say what I want to say in writing as oppose to actually talking in person when all eyes are on me. Like everyone else, I put up a “front” depending on who I am talking to, especially when it comes to meeting strangers. For my personal blog, I do try to keep it professional when it comes to posting, but I tend to talk more informal when it comes to commenting. Just like the lyrics in the song, “We all speak in different voices” depending the time, place, who we are talking to, and the situation, itself.

“Dango Daikazoku (だんご大家族)” By: Chata

I think this is the appropriate song to describe how I feel about my childhood. I was mostly close-knitted and didn’t have any friends. I spent most of my time hanging out with my family.

“Go Crazy (미친거 아니야)” By: 2PM

I need to put a 2PM song in this soundtrack because 2PM is like my favorite boy band. My greatest concert achievement is seeing them live.

“Small Town” By: Hoodie Allen

I am from a small town. I am a girl who has big dreams that wants to live anywhere but a small town. I had enough of that.

“Solanin (ソラニン)” By: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

We meet people and form relationships and friendships with these people. Yet sometimes, those relationships and friendships don’t work out. Thus, you end it and cut ties. It is better to end things rather than keep dawdling and annoying each other. That is one of the great lessons I learned in my life.

“Moe Ride” By: Hentai Dude

My friend coined the term moe on to me one day. I actually didn’t know what it means at the time, so I had to go look it up. (I don’t know if I am moe, but they say I am, so whatever.) I also like this parody song because it has catchy lyrics to the music of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me.”

“Time Stands Still” By: The All American Rejects

There are moments where time does stand still, and in those moments, you wish whatever is happening didn’t end or at least you do something more within that moment. This song applies to the numerous crushes I had in my lifetime, but I was too afraid to say something or do anything about it. So I just let the moment slip by and die.

“Here’s To Never Growing Up” By: Avril Lavigne 

I am a kid at heart.

“Daydreaming” By: Paramore

I daydream a lot.

“Work” By: Iggy Azalea

She gets a lot of criticism as a rapper, but I admire her music. This song shows how hard she worked to become a rapper. It isn’t easy to climb the ladder towards your dreams, but she did it. Hard work, determination, and patience can get you somewhere.

“Slideshow” By: T.I. featuring John Legend

I agree with the symbolism that life is a slide show. We don’t remember every little detail that happens in our lives, but we do remember some of the biggest and brightest moments. As we recall those memories, it is like a snapshot of images playing in our heads.

“Science and Faith” By: The Script

I have a mixture of science and humanities field of study friends. I noticed that some of my “science-y” friends (not all of them) have the tendency to seek logical answers to everything including some unnatural or unexpected occurrences in life. If something cannot be explained logically, they tend to get frustrated or annoyed if someone says, “It has no answer or there is no logical explanation.” Now I am a logical person, but there are times when I accept that somethings can’t be explained through logic, and should be accepted as is. One of those things that logic may not be able to explain is “love.”

So those are the songs I would add to the soundtrack to my life. These songs are subject to change, but I think these songs could best capture my experiences, feelings, and thoughts as of right now.

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