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We The Hunted Nominated Me For The Liebster Award (Part 5)


So you know how I said that the previous Liebster Award post would be my last one, I lied. We The Hunted nominated me for another one, and I humbly accept it. Don’t worry, I am still under 200 WordPress followers. So I still qualify for this award. Also this is We The Hunted, I have been following that blog since the beginning of time. So of course, I’ll answer his questions. Anyways let’s get started.

We The Hunted’s Questions:

1. Are you a Ninja, or a Samurai? 

I am a samurai. I always found the “way of the sword” and the Japanese honor system fascinating. I think dying by the sword seems more honorable as oppose to dying by a loaded gun.

2. If you could bend any of the elements, which would it be? 

Earth. I think Toph from Avatar is the coolest.

3. What are the two largest factors that attract you to a show/movie? 

I don’t really watch American shows, but when I watch East Asian dramas, I usually get attracted by the storyline and the actors/actresses who are in it.

4. What is the highest number of books you have read within a months time? 

I don’t know. Well in college, I would read like ten to twelve books a semester. So I’ll stick with ten. This doesn’t include the short stories and secondary articles though.

5. If you’ve ever gone on an anime marathon, how long was it? 

I binge watched Inuyasha.

6. Do you like wasabi? 


7. What is your favorite genre anime? Novel/manga? 

My favorite genre of anime and manga is romance. As for novels, it varies. I read a lot from different genres, but most of time it is romance and “slice of life.”

8. Would you rather have a pet dragon, or pilot a mecha? 

A pet dragon so that he can fly me everywhere. I mean I wouldn’t need a car or use an airplane to get to places. I am ignoring the laws of aerodynamics.

9. What character trope annoys you the most? What character trope do you admire the most?

The character trope that annoys me the most is the annoying (ex)girlfriend that can’t accept that her (ex)boyfriend doesn’t love her anymore. These characters become possessive and crazy. The fact that you need to rely on a man for happiness is an annoyance. To me, it just means you are weak and dependable. “I need you” and “I want you” have different meanings, and only one of them implies love.

The character trope that admire the most is none. I have different reasons towards why I admire characters. There is no commonality.

10. You’re a super OP secret agent, what is your code-name and where is your hideout? 

My code name would be Penelope Sapphire. My hideout is a secret. Why would I tell you?

On a side note, I asked one of my friends this question and this is what she came up with:

CODE NAME: Ms.Behavin

HIDE OUT: Strip Club

(LOL. So inappropriate. I think I may lose some followers for this one, but it was too good to pass up.)

11. I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again cause it’s just that important: Almond butter or peanut butter? 

I never tried almond butter, so I don’t know.

11 (New) Random Facts About Me:

  1. I am female.
  2. I am a night person. I tend to like writing my blog posts and articles during the middle of the night.
  3. I am a twenty-something.
  4. I don’t look like my age. People may mistake me for either sixteen or seventeen.
  5. I enjoy drinking a Honeydew Milk Tea or a Thai Tea with boba.
  6. I have a collection of cow theme stuff that was forced upon me by my friends.
  7. I never bought a single Kpop CD for myself. They were all gifts from friends and family for my birthday or Christmas. (It is a “safe gift” to get me if you can’t think of anything else I would like.)
  8. I love watching the South Korean variety show, Running Man. If you haven’t head of this show, you should check it out. It is hilarious.
  9. I enjoy crude humor.
  10. I love IKEA.
  11. I listen to music as I blog. Currently,  I am listening to Sage The Gemini ft. Nick Jonas’ “Good Thing.”

If you want to see my nominations for this award, you can check it out here.

Once again, I want to thank We The Hunted for the nomination. I really appreciate it. You’re a great blogging friend! 😀

If you want to read about his interesting and enlightening answers to his nomination, check it out.

11 thoughts on “We The Hunted Nominated Me For The Liebster Award (Part 5) Leave a comment

  1. Your responses are brilliant Lyn!
    I think dying by the sword would be an epic way to go too!
    And Penelope Sapphire is a solid secret agent name. Your friend has got a pretty gnarly name going on too, haha, I can only imagine the fury of team Penelope Sapphire and Ms.Bahavin. Especially with Penelope (you) riding around on a dragon…movie idea?

    You and me are on totally different clocks then, I am a morning/day person all the way. I can stay up with mates at night for social occasions, but in general Im face smashing my pillow around 10:30. Thats why I love getting your posts cause I always wake up to a nice email from you that was published at like 1:00am or something haha.

    I do have a question Ive been meaning to ask you though.
    You are a voice of expertise in the field or romance anime, and so I need some recommendations on any anime you really thought were stellar that have a great romance and really cool and likable characters. I am also a man of action, so having some of that going on would be perfect.

    Well, if you have any suggestions then please enlighten me, for I trust your words on such a subject.
    Thanks again Lyn!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man the thought of those code names being real and a possible movie with my friend. It wouldn’t be an action movie, it would mostly be comedy.

      LOL Yeah I need to fix my clock schedule. Maybe one day, I will become a morning person, but as of now, it is the night that I enjoy the most.

      Recommendations? Oh man, I don’t really consider myself an expert, I just watch whatever I think is interesting. Action and romance…have you tried Aquarion EVOL? It is funny, and has action and romance in it.

      Liked by 1 person

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