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Blogging Life: Two Years Ago…


Two years ago, I made an account on WordPress. Before “(Just) Something About LynLyn,” I had another blogging site. It was more personal and raw, where I talked about my life during my last year in university. I had interesting stories to tell on that blog, but I couldn’t keep up with it due to having other priorities. So eventually, I deleted it.

Once in a while, I would go onto WordPress to read some posts made by Opinionated Man despite not having my own blog. He was the only blogger I followed prior to my new blog. He had some interesting and funny things to say about the world around him.

Now, since I am out of college, and still trying to figure out my niche in this world, I decided to create a new blog. “(Just) Something About LynLyn” was born on November 30, 2014. And I am glad that I made it. I am able to keep up with posting, and I have met some interesting people on here.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my blogging history with you.

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