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Blogging Life: Random, Amusing Comments

(Via Giphy)

Now, as a blogger, you read some interesting comments from readers. I’ve seen some good comments, here and there, but there are certain moments when a comment makes you “LOL” and smile in real life (not in your head) because of how amusing and funny the words on the page are. This is one of those moments. I don’t mean to put you in the spotlight, Marvelously Mismatched but this is one of the best WordPress comment conversations I’ve had so far. 

funny 1

funny 2

My Reaction For The Upcoming Post:

(Via Giphy)
(Via Giphy)

4 thoughts on “Blogging Life: Random, Amusing Comments Leave a comment

  1. I’ve had one or two of those type of conversations that just make you want smile inside and out. Its nice getting to knonw people with similar interest that you otherwise wouldn’t get to know/speak to.

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  2. The best and most memorable conversations are the ones that make you smile 🙂 I can say that these moments are essentially what I am looking for in engaging with the blogging community here hehe ^^

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