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Announcements: Adding Some Tidbits

I decided to add a background on my blog because I kind of got bored with the white. The image is from the webtoon, Annarasumanara. Why I picked that? It is one of my favorite pictures from that webtoon, and I felt like a carnival/ amusement park mood.

I finally added a tagline to my blog, which is “Ramblings About Anime, Manga, and Other Somethings…” It took me awhile (really just five minutes) to figure out a tagline. I realized that I can’t change my blog’s title anymore because many bloggers actually know me as “Just Something About LynLyn,” and I don’t think they will get used to a different title if I change it. Also, I realized that the title of my blog is a bit deceiving. With a title like this, one could assume that it would be a personal blog about my life, but then you click my name, and you get reviews on books, manga, and etc. It was at that moment I realize I needed a tagline to give a little explanation about what my blog is all about. But hey, it is kind of like a personal blog because I do give my personal feelings and opinions about stuff and you, as a reader, can formulate an image of the type of person I am. So technically, it is a win-win situation I think? Anyways, bottom line of the story is I got a tagline. 

I published a lot of posts in June, and hopefully, I can do the same in the month of July. There are still a few drafts that have been on my daft page for a while now, and they need to get publish as soon as possible. I will TRY to get to them first (hopefully).

Until next time, Happy Reading!


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