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Brotherly Love: Thoughts on Brothers Conflict Feat. Natsume

(Via MyAnimeList)

Brothers Conflict Feat. Natsume

(Manga 2013-2014)

Story By: Atsuko Kanase

Art By: Youko Nogiri

The anime wasn’t enough for me. Also, I can’t afford importing the first and second seasons of the Brothers Conflict light novels. I needed closure, a satisfied ending. The anime didn’t bring it to me. So I decided to read one of many possible endings, Brothers Conflict Feat. Natsume, the manga edition.

The concept of the story is still the same. Ema’s father remarried and she acquires thirteen step-brothers. Ema must adapt to living with all these boys under the same roof. They are family, but it doesn’t stop any of the brothers from having feelings for her.

Unlike the anime which is told in Ema’s perspective, this special manga edition is told in the perspective of Natsume Asahina. Natsume is the fraternal triplet of Tsubaki and Azusa. He lives alone with two cats named after his brothers. He is the CEO of a video game company that created one of Ema’s favorite video games. Each chapter aligns with what happened in the anime regarding Natsume and Ema. However, it is told in Natsume’s viewpoint, revealing his thoughts and emotions. Hence, as readers, we are able to see the process of how Natsume falls for Ema.

(Via MyAnimeList)

On a side note though, I felt like the anime favored Natsume as the right guy for Ema. Why I think so is because both the manga and the anime emphasize their first encounter with each other. Natsume and Ema met on the aisle of a hall church. That moment is highly symbolic because someone could interpret it as, “Their relationship is fated for marriage.” Moreover, that scene is one of my favorites out of the whole anime because you can witness how much Natsume is mesmerized by Ema’s beauty. Similarly, it is like when the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time as she walks down the aisle.

Halfway through reading the manga, I was a bit worried about not getting the closure I want due to the fact that the anime and manga have the same set-up between them. The anime gave the typical safe answer: we leave it up to the viewers who she picks, and I didn’t want that to happen again. Yet, since this manga is all about Natsume, I was hopeful that the ending will be somewhat satisfying. And readers, it was. I think Natsume fans would be happy about this ending. (Natsume is my second favorite character in Brothers Conflict. My favorite is Subaru Asahina.)


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    • It is one of many. There are other special manga editions pertaining to other characters. I read this one because it is Natsume, and he seems to be the fan favorite. Haha

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  1. Natsume’s MINE!!! Ahaha. I’ve been wanting to read this for quite a while now. I’m glad they’ve done this. Thank you very much! But I haven’t read it, unfortunately. One of these days. . . . . .

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