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Blogging Life: FanimeCon

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Anime conventions. Next weekend is Fanime, and I am not prepared (mentally). Are any of you attending Fanime or any other upcoming anime convention? I attended Fanime for the past five years, and each time, I had a blast. I made some pretty awesome memories. 

The first two times I went, my motives were basically to splurge all my money on merchandise. Every time I went into the Dealer’s hall, I was on a hunt for anything Clannad. Last year, I splurged my money on a great purchase: Hikari No Kiseki: Clannad 10th Anniversary Art Book. That book was a MUST-HAVE. I guess you could say I have a mini shrine filled with Clannad merchandise (figurines, art books, pins, and etc.). Aside from Clannad stuff, I also bought some cool anime posters featuring various other anime that I enjoy watching, created by independent artists.  Shopping is a fun activity, and I enjoy buying overpriced merchandise. Yet over the years, I became more cautious about how I spent my money.

Eventually, Fanime transformed from just an anime convention into a vacation for my friends and me. To us, Fanime is our Las Vegas trip, every college student would go to. We didn’t gamble our money in poker, black jack, or slot machines, we spent it on anime merchandise.

We made it a tradition to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory as our main dinner get-together since we always would split up and do our own thing at the con. The best moments were hanging out in the hotel room. We watched movies on the flat screen TV, listened to music and dance like wild monkeys, and played some games like Cards Against Humanity. I remembered my first year at Fanime, my friends and I were all on the floor having one massive sleepover. Haha, good times! We also lounged in the game room, and spend ten bucks on Puri Kura pictures. Those were fun to do.

Looking back, I would always assume we would attend again next year. Back then, it was easy to assume since we were all students.  Despite attending different universities, the distance didn’t stop us from spending our Memorial Day weekend at Fanime. It was a celebration for the end of the school year, and also a reunion with all my friends.

Now we are “adults,” with other responsibilities and lives now. So attending Fanime is a more difficult task to pull through and do. Rather than assuming we are all going next year, it’s now more of a “Should I? Could I go next year?” The “Yes” turned into “Maybe.” I don’t think we grew out of Fanime, but life happened that made it more difficult to attend.

Usually right after the current FanimeCon is over, my friends and I are already planning for next year’s con. However, this year is different. This is my sixth year going to Fanime, and I think it will be the last year for me, and most of my other friends. Since it may be my last year, I will definitely make it count.

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