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Daydreams & Dramatics: Thoughts on Silent Kiss

Silent Kiss
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Silent Kiss (2013)

Story & Art By: Ichinohe Rumi

In Silent Kiss, Totoki Haruka lives in her own little fantasy world where she daydreams about dramatic scenarios with her ideal boyfriend. She believes that love should develop like a fairytale or shoujo drama. One day, Totoki-san almost fell off a train’s platform, but she was luckily saved by a student in the same class, Yukimura Kanade. From that moment on, Totoki-san instantly fell in love with him and fantasizes him as her ideal prince. While in school, she tries to figure out ways to interact and communicate with him. However, Yukimura Kanade seems somewhat distant from her, in fact he tries to purposely avoid her. Yet one day after school, Totoki-san suspiciously follows Yukimura-kun entering a hospital, and learns that he has a girlfriend who is in a coma and to make matters even worse, Yukimura-kun’s girlfriend has the same name as her.

Silent Kiss 3
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This shoujo manga series is fairly dramatic for only being a few chapters. Yukimura Kanade and his girlfriend, Haruka possess a lot of baggage despite being in high school. For instance, Yukimura-kun holds himself accountable for his childhood friend’s, Haruka, accident, in which she got hit by an incoming car. As a result, he vowed to be with Haruka forever. Once she awakens from her coma, they will live together in her parent’s house just like old times. While Haruka is depressed and isolates herself from the rest of the world because she lost both her parents from a car accident.

Even though there is painful drama going on between the characters, this shoujo manga also has its’ wonders in which love blossoms between Totoki Haruka and Yukimura Kanade. It is dramatic, but it is also a very heartwarming story.

Silent Kiss 2
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  1. Hi, I love this short story. Good choice 🙂 i came by your blog, and really liked it. I have the same thing going on mine, i review books and mangas too. 🙂
    Love your blog, and will freaquently visit if 🙂

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