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Thoughts on Angel Diary (천행기)

(Via Wikipedia)

Angel Diary (2005-2010)

Story By: Lee Yoon-hee

Art By: Kara

Angel Diary (천행기) is a South Korean manhwa series written by Lee Yoon-hee and drawn by Kara. The Princess of Heaven, Chun-yoo, seeks refuge on Earth after she runs away from her betrothed fiance, the King of Hell. In order to hide her identity, Chun-yoo pretends to be a boy, named Dong-young, on Earth, and is protected by the Four Guardians of Heaven. Dong-young befriends a male student, Jin Bi-wal. Bi-wal has a strong bromance relationship with Dong-young. 

I was a little disappointed with this manhwa because I was expecting a lot of epic action and violent battles, especially with Jin Bi-wal, who is actually the King of Hell, but there wasn’t much. Also I wasn’t convince that there was a strong chemistry between Chun-yoo/Dong-young and Bi-wal. Yet it seems that the only fated romantic connection between the two is that they are childhood friends.

Also, one of the characters, Doh-hyun,—the Black Turtle guardian—I consider to be completely annoying. Doh-hyun posses strong principles; in which he fights for and makes decisions based on the benefit of heaven. Yet in the series, Doh-hyun has an internal struggle between following principle and following his heart because he develops feelings for Chun-yoo/Dong-young. Although he cares and protects Chun-yoo/Dong-young, he creates unnecessary problems that could have been avoided or solved in a more civil manner. For example, he plots to kill the demon lord, Se-In and Bi-wal’s older brother, Jin Ryung. He shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place because it is problem amongst Bi-wal’s family.

I wouldn’t put this manhwa series on the top of your comic reading list. I would consider reading this manhwa series only when you are really bored.


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